As a mother of two sport loving girls, I appreciate how important playing sport is to them and how much they enjoy expressing their love for the game.  My daughters love doing netball, cricket, soccer, dancing and swimming, and I know there are plenty of other sports out there that young girls enjoy.


The idea for Sporty Nails was conceived on my daughter’s birthday when she wanted her nails decorated in support of her favourite netball club the NSW Swifts.  This led to me looking for sports inspired nail stickers that were safe, fun and easily applied.  We couldn’t find anything for the occasion which is why I created Sporty Nails.


I want sports fans of all ages to enjoy showing their support for their sport and their teams.


We are excited to launch in 2019 with our unique collection of netball, soccer, cricket and ballet themed nail stickers.  But, stay tuned… we plan to expand our range to include many more sports and clubs soon.


Christy Burgess

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